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Eastern Jewellery Trading

Specialist in Silver, Culture, Ethnic,and Tribal Jewellery

Voortsweg 363
7523 CG Enschede
The Netherlands

(0031) 06-54346683

KvKnr. 08164195  
BTWnr NL022389611B01


What do you mean by 92.5 sterling silver?
925 Sterling Silver is 92.5% parts silver and 7.5% parts alloy combined into silver jewelry.

Is all your jewellery Sterling Silver?
Yes it is. All our jewellery contains a minimum of 92.5% silver. Our strict quality control ensures that every piece is thoroughly checked and carries a "92.5" hallmark. We would never release jewellery below the 92.5-standard that can jeopardize our excellent reputation in quality.

Do you use real gemstones?
Yes, we do. All the gemstones we use are real and of high quality.

Do you carry items in stock?
Yes, we do. All our items are in stock. If an item is solded out, you will still have the option to e-mail us about it, but it will be impossible to order.

What is the minimum order?
There is no minimum order for our products. You can order one piece or a hundred, it will be sent to you.

How can I order your products?
You can use the online order form. All orders are immediately confirmed upon receipt along with an estimation of weight, the approximate amount due, and the delivery date.

What is your payment option?
These are all major Creditcards, Pay-Pal and iDeal.

What courier do you use?
We use TNT Post (, you have the choice between regular or registered.

Do you charge any handling fees for shipping?
There are no handling fees, you pay only for the product and the sending costs. Please keep in mind that the packing material weighs about 20 grammes.

What are your return policies?
All jewellery is checked before sending, and will be send in a bubble rapped envelop. If there are any problems with the product on arrival we can come to a solution to let you return the product or give you a refund.

How secure is it to order online at

We utilize a state of the art online shopping cart service. Any information passed between the customer and is securely encrypted. Your order is then sent to us via the same secure encryption for a totally flawless operation. Our goal is to make sure that accidents don't happen and we employ the best means to make sure of it.